Pros and Cons of a Roof Tear-off and Replacement

Tear-off roof jobs are essentially a top to bottom roof replacement. In a tear-off, the entire roof will be replaced making it like new once again.  It solves many issues, including rotting or leaking sub-roofing. The advantages of a tear-off include being able to see the roof’s health completely. Your commercial roofer will be able to fix any deficiency, rot, roof leaks. As a result, you roof will be waterproof.

In addition to the perfection, a complete tear-off roof will last much longer than less expensive overlays. Besides longevity, a new commercial tear-off roofing job will also add resale value to your commercial property.

The drawback to a complete tear off roofing job is the increased cost.  A tear-off roofing job on a commercial building is likely to cost $10,000 or more. The additional labor involved is the primary reason for the increased cost. As a result, many commercial property owners opt to take the less expensive roof overlay option.

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